What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


As this year comes to an end, like most of us, have attempted to summarize what we’ve been through in the past 365 days. We’ve experienced new relationships, new cultures, new music, new homes, new cars, and have probably lost some of these as well. As we reflect on this year, do you ever wish that you went back and did something that you didn’t? So many times we think about a scenario so much that it creates problems in our head that are simply just a pigment of our imagination. In short, what would you do if you weren’t afraid? Would you have taken that risk if there weren’t any consequences? Would you have asked out that guy/girl? Would you have given someone a second chance?

A couple years ago, I told myself that I would rather live a life of “oh wells” than “what ifs”. Fast forward to present day, I can proudly say that by adhering and living this motto, that I’ve been able to live more- so in the moment than I have in the past. Since I’m a rather methodical person, my decisions are derived from a logical state of mind and although that may be beneficial at times, I’ve found myself overthinking certain situations rather than just going with the “flow”. I’ve accepted that there is a fine balance between making logical decisions vs. making emotional decisions, and there will always be a time and/or place to use either (or both) decisions. Living a life of regret can be frustrating, but living a life of not taking the opportunity to experience an event will eat you up. We all mistakes and we all wish we could take something back that we said or did, but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and whatever the outcomes decides to be, it was meant to be.

“I rather love and feel pain than to never feel love”- Yours truly

Some will say that you control your own destiny and others might disagree with you saying that a higher power controls your destiny but I think they both compliment each other. I think the destination is already decided, but how you choose to get there is completely up to you. We tend to complicate life more than it needs to be predominantly because we want it our way and if it’s not our way, we find any way to get it anyways (I believe this is the exact definition of only- child syndrome). There’s a several sayings that I’ve seen float around the internet that may help simplify your life:

Miss somebody ? Call..
Wanna meet ? Invite..
Wanna be understood ? Explain..
Have questions ? Ask..
Don’t like it ? Say it..
Like it ? State it..
Want something ? Ask for it..
Nobody will know what’s going in your mind.. Its better to express rather than to expect..
If you already have the ‘no’, take the risk of getting the ‘yes’.
We just have one life.. Keep it simple.. Be happy & keep others happy.. .

What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? This might be the question of the year for 2014. At the top of my head, I’d go on some of “Eat, Pray, Love” type of ordeal and travel the world for months on end with no itinerary, a small amount of clothes and money, and find myself. I’d invest my money in some sort of non- profit organization or charity and volunteer my time to aiding people that have endured natural disasters. I’d allow my career to be a jungle gym rather than a ladder and I would jump industries every chance that I would have. If I wasn’t afraid, I wouldn’t think so much and just went with the first thought that crossed my mind. I would want to be able to say “no” more often and put myself first before anyone else.

Looks like I have just written several New Year’s resolutions.

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