Do you meet the requirements of your requirements?



How high are your standards? I’m assuming if you’re single and you’re active in the dating scene you’re probably looking for a variation of someone that is charming, good looking, witty, financially stable, respectable, positive, humorous, passionate, humble, laid back, outgoing, social, intelligent, family oriented, etc. You’re constantly looking for someone that brings everything to the table and some. You want someone that not only meets your standards but exceeds what you’re looking for.. as you should. I’m all for that. I believe that you should never settle because the moment you settle for less than what you deserve is when you get less than what you settled for (mind= blown). However, what do you have to offer?

I have friends, colleagues, and family members whom are single that constantly converse about what they’re looking for in the opposite sex (or same sex, I don’t discriminate). As they begin to ramble, I begin to ask myself questions and say things like, “but you don’t meet that criteria”, “how could you want such high standards but you don’t have just as much to offer”, and “Mr./Ms. Perfect doesn’t exist, so you’ll need to dumb down your standards a bit” (sorry, but I’m not sorry). I don’t mean to come off as rude or inconsiderate, but it doesn’t make any sense to me to have such high standards if you don’t hold yourself to the same requirements. For example, some people are searching for someone that has a college education, independent, knows what they want, etc. but they themselves didn’t graduate from high school, still dependent on mommy and daddy, and are still finding themselves (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with finding yourself). The point I’m trying to get across is that you can’t expect the world from someone but you don’t have such as much to offer. The Law of Attraction states that, “”like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results”. Your input is determined by your output. If you give 99% of your effort into a relationship, it doesn’t make sense for you to expect 100% from someone else. Does it?

Before demanding greatness, ask yourself, “Do you meet the requirements of your requirements?”. What do you have to offer to this other person? Are your standards for someone as high as the standards you hold for yourself? We often get into a relationship without assessing what we have to offer because we’re so occupied what someone else has to offer. As long as you know your worth, you will never have to worry that you won’t find someone that knows your worth as well. Be amazing!

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