Top dessert spots in Los Angeles

cover If you don’t like any form of desserts, we can’t be friends. Seriously. Whether it be chocolate, pastries, ice cream, macaroons, cookies, cupcakes, etc., you need to be able to let loose and get fat with me. I don’t play. It’s that serious. Any of these places that I’ve listed are a perfect compliment to one of the date ideas I’ve previously posted, so be sure to indulge yourself in everything this beautiful city has to offer. It doesn’t matter what type of dessert you’re into, I’m sure I know of a place to go to or know someone that knows of a place. That my friend is what you call networking.

Any who, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite dessert spots in LA just because it’s Monday and I’m in the giving mood. You’re welcome. I like everything. I kinda wish I was exaggerating when I said “everything”, but I can literally go to town with anything sweet (with the exception of candy, eh?). I know there’s a myriad of places that I still need to try, but my stomach has led me to some pretty palatable spots that make you salivate instantly. Yes, I went there. If you’re ever feeling down over a break up, an argument, an issue at work or whatever the case may be, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to binge on desserts that we’ll regret the following day. Actually, you might regret it the following day but I’ll be having leftovers… if there are any. Check out my list below and let me know your favorite places!


  1. Porto’s Bakery (multiple locations)- If you live in the valley then I’m sure you know what Porto’s is and if you haven’t… where the heck have you been?! This Cuban bakery is my favorite place for all things pastries and desserts in the valley (San Fernando Valley that is). All I really need is a Guava & Cheese Roll along with an Horchata smoothie and I’m made! They have some of the most amazing cakes and the best part about this place is that they have pastries that you can eat at any time of the day. It’s extremely busy on Sunday mornings, so I suggest you go there during the week since it’s not as hectic. I’d love to continue my review about this place but I’m dying a bit inside knowing that I can’t have it at the moment.

    Bricks and Scones

  2. Bricks and Scones (Larchmont)- Remember that place Larchmont Bungalow that I mentioned in my previous post Top 5 Cafes in Los Angeles? Yea, well this place is actually on the same street! This can be really dangerous having one of my favorite cafes and one of my favorite dessert places on the same street. The vibe here and the ambiance surpasses every option on this list. The best way to describe Bricks and Scones is that it looks like a cottage but has the feel of a library.. where you can eat… and be loud.. and everything else that you can’t do in a library. Can you guess what their signature dish is? You guessed it right, Scones! Being that it’s an awesome location, you really can’t go wrong. 

    Diddy Reise

  3. Diddy Reise (Westwood)- I would actually consider this a “staple” in Los Angeles because it’s something that you have to experience once you’re here. What makes this place unique is that it’s the In-N-Out of desserts. Now, what does that mean?Their menu is beyond simple and it’s just an ice cream cookie sandwich. Big whoop right?! Tell that to the people that are in line for 30-45 minutes to purchase one of these bad boys. It’s near the UCLA campus so you’ll see plenty of students here on the weekends, before classes, in between classes, after classes, etc. You will always get more than what you pay for by going here and there’s hookah spots right on the same block so you can possibly make a date out of it! Go figure. 


  4. Syrup (Downtown LA)- I can’t decided where I’d place this in my top dessert places but it for sure makes the top 3. I might be biased considering that I’m swoon over anything in Downtown LA. Anything with waffles is to die for. You know, like chicken and waffles or ice cream and waffles or just waffles. Their chocolate truffle cheesecake is my number two option- actually, if I’m with a date I order both options and don’t share which probably explains why I’m single. If you’re on a no carb diet, I suggest that you stay away from this place. Oh, did I mention their crepes? Dear God their crepes. Apologies for jumping all over the place but this is what food porn does to me. 

    DeLuscious Cookies and Milk

  5. DeLuscious Cookies & Milk (Hollywood)- You can’t ever go wrong with cookies and milk. Ever. If you had a childhood, you know that cookies and milk made any situation better and it’s something you never had to make (unless you were an overachiever and made your own cookies). The only downside here is that they sell cookies by the dozen, so unfortunately you’re not able to just pick up a couple. What sets this place aside from the others are the names they give their cookies. You don’t even need to eat them to savor the taste since you can already sense what they’ll taste like based on their name. I won’t give any names away so you’re going to have to try them on your own!

Here are additional dessert spots that I would also highly recommend!
Sprinkles Cupcakes (multiple locations)
Frosted Cupcakery (Hollywood)
Crumbs Bake Shop (Larchmont)
Flan King (Los Angeles)
Cuscatleca Bakery (Hollywood)
Milk (West Hollywood)
New York Snow (Downtown)
Bottega Louie (Downtown)

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