Fiesta Fiesta!!


Since I’ve graduated from college I haven’t had the opportunity to host as many little get togethers at my place as I used to and I’m making it a habit to have something every couple of months moving forward (late New Year’s resolution). It’s actually been about a year (if not longer) since I’ve been able to get all my friends together since we’re all occupied with work, school, relationships- you know things relative to life. I finally decided to have something to reunite the ol’ “gang” and it was definitely a success. I’ve been fortunate enough to have friends that get along with one another although we tend to argue here and there, but that wouldn’t be fun if it was perfect.


I still have friends that I grew up with and I have friends that I’ve met within the last couple years but they somehow manage to all get along extremely well. Blessed I must say. We’ve had other BBQ’s, bonfires, pool parties, actual parties, Palms Spring trips, Vegas trips and every time we get together it’s like we haven’t seen each other in years (probably because it has been years). Being an only child I was fortunate to grow up on a street where there were 10-15 kids all around the same age (give or take 3 or so years), so I never felt as if I were isolated or lacked social skills. I’ve forged many friendships along the way and have kept in touch with the majority of them, even if it has been through social media. I’m assuming I can credit this to the law of attraction, and if you don’t know what this is I’ll be covering this in the near future. It’s brilliant. You’re doing it right now. I know. It’s crazy.


I essentially have three groups of friends: those I grew up with, those who I went to college with, and those that I work with. I’m assuming that these groups are consistent among the general population but it’s fairly difficult to get everyone together AND have them coincide without wanting to choke each other. I know many people that have similar groups but have a difficult time getting everyone in the same place at the same time because certain people might not get along, time schedules, etc. Although we’re all very much unique in our own little ways, there’s something that they all have- golden hearts. We may complain, argue, verbally abuse one another, and everything in between but at the end of the day we know we understand each other and have accepted one another for being imperfectly perfect (que the violins). I have some of the most amazing friends and I’m hoping that you’ll be able to join us next time! :) Check out some of the additional pics at our BBQ below:

DSC_0016DSC_0062DSC_0069DSC_0074DSC_0080 DSC_0087DSC_0011DSC_0141

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