Congrats to the March giveaway winner- Josh Stewart!


I know I’m late with announcing the winner of the giveaway, but better late than never (I know Drake- “but never late is better”). After sorting out through more than 50 e-mails, it was difficult to narrow down the list to only the top 5 submissions. I probably should have been more elaborate when describing this giveaway that there’s only one winner… but now you know moving forward. When going through the submissions I was looking for topics that had sub- topics in which I would be able to write multiple articles about. There were some really detailed topics but I felt like they were copied and pasted from a Google search, which through me off completely (sorry to those that actually put time into it). Here were Josh’s topics and as simple as they were, I knew that they would serve as a spark for future articles:

1. Men’s Fashion Trends
2. Electric Dance Music/DJs
3. Upcoming classy LA events
4. Sophisticated living for every man (how to choose wine on a date)
5. How to be a gentleman
Congratulations Josh!!! Please contact me with prize of your desire.
Look out for next month’s giveaway in about 3 weeks! Thank you for everyone that participated and who knows.. maybe I’ll just give away a prize because I’m having an amazing day. :)

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