The Lion King cast takes over airplane

I normally don’t post things on a whim but I saw this on my Facebook and I had to share it with everyone. Members of the cast sang “Circle of Life” prior to taking off on their flight back to Sydney and I’m really upset that I’ve never been on a flight that had something like this. I mean, can they just sing all the Lion King songs? Hakuna Matata is next I hope.

What are the two main ingredients to form a relationship?


For whatever reason, the universe has decided to bring forth friends and strangers to me to discuss their mid- life crisis and somewhere along the way that triggered something in me and now I think I’ve began the same stage. I can’t believe that I’m going to be 25 in September. Damn. 25. That’s half way to 50. But it could be worse and I could be half way to 60. Just kidding. I’ve covered several topics under the mid- life crisis umbrella over the past couple of weeks, with numerous people covering their profession, school, moving to another city, finances, family, and the ever so popular- love. I’ve heard some of the most insanely heart breaking stories, but have also heard some of the most euphoric heart warming stories. It’s amazing how both the mind and the heart work and how they can react completely different from one another.

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Ahhh, feels so good to be back! It feel even better to have a college friend on the blog scene and blowing up after only a couple weeks of creating her blog I’ve known my friend Terri since our college days at CSUN (Cal State Northridge) and probably within the last couple of months, I’ve know she had been contemplating on launching a blog and I couldn’t be more excited that she has. Continue reading

The city that never sleeps.. and neither did we.

My first trip to NYC this year was this past weekend and this trip has definitely set the bar high for my future trips to the Big Apple. I ended up going with someone that I’ve been dating the past couple months and it just so conveniently happened to land on Valentine’s Day weekend (Cue the “awwww”). We actually traveled with friends whom have never been to NYC prior so it was a great experience to be able to do our own thing but meet up with friends for dinner or drinks.. and party obviously.

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